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“Remember the best relationship is the one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other”

Dalai Lama

Success Stories

Nutritional and Allergy Therapy

"I went to see Victoria Kubiak in 1999 when I was suffering from headaches and stomach pains which my local GP surgery diagnosed as cluster migraines and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Despite various tablets which I don't like taking I felt pretty miserable a lot of the time. As a result of the kinesiology Victoria believed the headaches and stomach discomfort was due to too much wheat and sugar. I left her clinic with directions to the nearest health food shop and with a list of alternative foods. After the initial few days I began to enjoy my new diet and even more so when after a month or so my headaches and stomach pains ceased and my energy levels improved. I have never looked back and continue to see Victoria on a regular basis for MOT checks just to make sure that I am eating the right foods for me.

Kinesiology and Victoria's help and guidance changed my life. She has also helped the rest of my family especially my eldest son who refused to go swimming at school because he had spots on his back which were similar to warts. He was told by doctors that they would go away in time but by using kinesiology Victoria diagnosed a deficiency in zinc. After only a few weeks they began to decrease and eventually drop off which obviously left my son feeling happier and less self-concious."

Debbie Stupples
Cookery Demonstrations and Nutritional Advice

"I can thoroughly recommend Victoria's Healthy Eating Workshop, it was brilliant. The session was very informative and great fun. Victoria demonstrated 6 or 7 recipes during the evening whilst simultaneously guiding us through the maze of healthy eating options available giving us a great many useful hints and tips to take away. And at the end of the demonstration, the proof of the pudding really was in the eating - delicious!"

Sarah Brohn
Nutritional Talk to Company

"Victoria Kubiak was invited to address the Bristol Office of Colliers CRE. She gave an insight into nutrition and healthy eating initiatives. The talk was both interesting and stimulating and has had a noticeable effect within the office.

I am convinced that we are now more aware of what we eat, when we eat it and how this impacts on our well being."

Tim Davies
Relaxation Massage

"An aromatherapy massage with Victoria Kubiak is always special because of the care and professionalism which she brings to the experience. Oils are selected by Victoria taking into account one's personal preferences as well as the desired effect on mood. Victoria is holistic in her approach and very perceptive: through discussion at the start of the treatment she is quick to identify what would be best, whether to be calmed or invigorated. She is also intuitive and able to home in on and work on areas of tension and 'knots' in muscles. She is as skilled in leg, arm and face massage as she is in back and neck. She also uses an incredible range of massage movements. I have had massage over a number of years with Victoria and recommend her highly."

Richard Crosby