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“Foods are more than their nutritional parts and it is entirely possible to eat healthily without knowing what a carotenoid or flavonoid is"

Victoria Kubiak

Food Demonstrations & Healthy Eating Workshops

Photo of chopping vegetables

It is so important to enjoy a zest and enthusiasm for the food that we eat. Food has a huge mind/body/spirit connection and as such, we need to have an understanding of the foods that we need but served or presented in the way that we want it.

Food Demonstrations and Healthy Eating talks give an opportunity to fully understand the general guidelines towards a healthier, vibrant lifestyle, learn about the history of food and to experience, taste and see enticing but easy dishes being created for all the family.

Ingredients are included which may not be so familiar or often the case... are kept in the cupboard because of uncertainty as to their use, taste or adaptability.

A range of grains, beans, herbs, spices and healthy condiments are explored in each demonstration or samples supplied at healthy eating talks.