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"A positive thinker does not refuse to recognise the negative, he refuses to dwell on it"

Norman Vincent Peale, American Writer and Minister

Nutritional & Allergy Therapy

Nutritional & Allergy Therapy

The body cannot make nutrients - they need to come from the food we eat. If we do not eat the correct foods, or are unable to successfully absorb the nutrients, then we will not run efficiently. Poor efficiency can occur through toxic overload, food intolerance, frequent antibiotic use and an unbalanced diet.

Nutrition - Life change, not just another diet!

Nutrition is the supply of all necessary nutrients and chemicals to allow us to grow, repair, maintain and provide energy for our life force. Everything we do - learning, exercise, feeling, reacting, healing - all depends upon our nutritional input. We are therefore only able to work at our optimum if nutrients are supplied in the right balance.

The aim of optimum nutrition is to improve the body's efficiency by identifying problem areas and rebalancing the body with the use of DIET firstly, and herbal or nutritional supplements according to individual needs. Our immune system will then be strong enough for the body to be able to repair, regenerate and heal itself.

Allergy Therapy – Using food to overcome allergies Allergy Therapy looks specifically at food and chemicals in relation to health and the development of disease and symptoms. It can help to control and sometimes cure a very large range of common allergic low tolerance ailments.

A few examples include:
•  digestive imbalance  •  migraine  •  thrush  •  asthma  •  skin complaints  •  hyperactivity in children  •  fatigue  •  IBS

By using the painless method of Applied Kinesiology (a series of muscle pressure tests) it is possible to recognise which foods or chemicals could be causing symptoms. By removing these antagonists with full clinical support, an individual nutritional programme is developed and the client is guided towards self-responsibility for a healthier lifestyle.

The aim of the Allergy Therapy is to be able to reintroduce most foods back into the diet and create awareness of a large range of alternative foods to choose, experience and excite the taste buds